Monday, April 16, 2012

Keep your Jeans NEW!

So you saw my recent haul video right? If not go and take a look.
At The Buckle store I was hunting for a good pair of jeans and found some! I have to say their customer service is AMAZING! Free hemming well it better be for 90 dollar jeans right? LOL anyways wash your jeans inside out, and a little bit of vinegar to the wash and don't dry your jeans, hang them, if you want you can dry them to make them a little snug if need be. I gotta say these jeans give me the best ass ever!


  1. Thanks for the great tip! I love my American Eagle skinny but sadly I had to let her go. Now I know how to maximize their lifetime, and I'm off to buy another one - their dark wash skinnies work magic on me :) x

  2. Thank you for commenting this is under construction you're my first commenter LOL XOXOX Jamie