Friday, July 5, 2013


NARS GALAPAGOS has been on my wish list for awhile and I just never got it. I would ponder back and fourth "Oh I have something similar probably" and then just pass it up. Well I went to Sephora and picked it up. When I got home I opened my shadow and noticed that there wasn't that CHUNKY glitter it is known to have it is more finely milled this makes me wonder if NARS has changed the shadow a bit. The girl at Sephora had told me in the past that companies re-formulate things every so often. The texture is so smooth and like butter. Today I wore this color just on it's own "blew" it out to make it look like more color then went in with a pencil brush and added more depth.

Now I went online and looked at this swatch from another blogger
and hers looked more chunky
and below are my pictures

You can see the "glitter" with this swatch but when applied it's just a twinkle i LOVE IT! it was in my Friday favorites Watch here and i'm wearing it.

if you own Galapagos from a couple years back is yours like mine with a more fine milled shimmmer? let me know!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Loreal Liquid To Powder and Loreal CC cream Review

I was intrigued like most people about this new Loreal Liquid to Powder "foundation" we will get to why i have the foundation is quotation marks. You get .9 fluid oz not quite one ounce I found that to be a bit of a bummer since so much product comes out. When you read the back of the bottle it tells you that this is a sunscreen and needs to be applied every two hours. If you are going to be in water or sweating you need a base or a primer since this is NOT waterproof
The product is very liquid like water, like an airbrush makeup foundation. When you pour it on to your hands you get a good amount since there is no pump. Loreal also says not recommended for use with a brush or sponge so use your fingers. If you are going to be applying this every two hours that in itself is a bit of a hassle.Now you can see why I put foundation in quotations because I feel it's just a liquid colored SPF. So far I've just used it as a foundation and have had no problems it takes about 15 minutes to set which on the back of the bottle says to put on 15 minutes prior to going outside the spf is 18. I like the product it hides my dark circles so no need for concealer for me. I feel like this is an out the door product and really good for the beach,going grocery shopping ect. You can put the rest of your makeup on and set it and it will last a decent amount of time. If you put your hand on your face you can feel the product kind of rub off so it does transfer so make sure to set it. I might repurchase. I do like it, and it feels velvety on the skin. I will be using this more as a base with my foundations and using the tips mentioned below.
use this as a base and then put on a foundation for more longevity.
Mix this with other foundations to get your spf in there
Mix to darken or lighten a foundation.

Moving on to the Loreal revita lift CC cream so I have been using Rachel K cc cream and LOVE it the Rachel K is just a tad thicker as the Loreal CC cream has more of a slip but not much. You get 1 fluid ounce  and you don't need much to put on it has small little beads that you can't even feel that give you a hint of color,but not much just evens out your skin tone which I personal like because I use the CC cream as a primer and a base. It has 5 anti aging benefits with vitamin C. I actually really like this and would repurchase